Legal Updates

Legal Updates for Aug - 2019

Companies Holding an Exporter-Importer Registration Certificate to Update Company Particulars Filed with the Ministry of Commerce by 3 September 2019

The Ministry of Commerce (“MOC”) issued Newsletter No.4/2019 on 3 July 2019 reminding all companies holding an Exporter-Importer Registration Certificate to update their company particulars filed with the MOC by 3 September 2019.

30 Aug 2019 | Myanmar

Drastic Changes regarding Appeal against KPPU Decisions

The Supreme Court has issued the Supreme Court Regulation No. 3 of 2019 on Procedure for Appeal against Decisions of the Indonesian Competition Commission ("KPPU") dated 9 August 2019 ("Regulation"). This new Regulation provides several drastic changes that can limit business actors in presenting their appeal against KPPU decisions.

27 Aug 2019 | Indonesia

New Regulation on Marketing and Sales of Property

The Minister of Public Works and Housing issued a new regulation which regulates, among others, the marketing of property and execution of a preliminary sale and purchase agreement (Perjanjian Pendahuluan Jual Beli) between the potential buyer and the developer ("Regulation"). The Regulation repealed the two previous regulations on sale and purchase of apartments and houses, which are deemed by many to be ineffective in regulating sale and purchase of apartments and houses in Indonesia and balancing the interests of both the buyer and the developer.

22 Aug 2019 | Indonesia

Legal Developments Update

This Update summarises some of the key legal developments in Indonesia, highlighting their features and intended impact to the legal ecosystem. These include the introduction of a new listing board in the Indonesia Stock Exchange, the enactment of a regulation on electronic regulation, and the tax incentives for electronic vehicle.

19 Aug 2019 | Indonesia

Indonesia Introduces the e-Mortgage System

In June 2019, the Ministry of Agrarian and Spatial Planning/Head of the National Land Agency (BPN) introduces Regulation No. 9 of 2019 on electronically integrated land mortgage (hak tanggungan) service ("e-Mortgage"). It is hoped that the issuance of Regulation No. 9/2019 will expedite physical land service process and improve its transparency and efficiency.

19 Aug 2019 | Indonesia

Follow-Up Regulation On Disclosure Of Ultimate Beneficial Ownership

This year marked another step in Indonesia's move towards a new era of corporate governance reform as the Indonesian government issued the Ministry of Law and Human Rights Regulation No. 15 of 2019 ("Ministry Regulation") on disclosure of ultimate beneficial ownership. The Ministry Regulation is the implementing regulation of Presidential Regulation No. 13 of 2018 on the same subject ("Presidential Regulation"). The Presidential Regulation and the Ministry Regulation require all companies to disclose their ultimate beneficial ownership.

19 Aug 2019 | Indonesia

How to Introduce New Evidence on Appeal
In Anan Group (Singapore) Pte Ltd v VTB Bank (Public Joint Stock Co) [2019] SGCA 41, the Singapore Court of Appeal was faced with an application to adduce fresh evidence to mount a new argument for the purposes of a substantive appeal. Importantly, the Court set out the analysis which it would apply when considering the admission of new evidence on appeal, demonstrating the application of such assessment in the context of winding-up proceedings as the first instance hearing. The applicants were successfully represented before the Court of Appeal by Lee Eng Beng S.C. and Chew Xiang of Rajah & Tann Singapore LLP.
13 Aug 2019 | Singapore

Reduction of Cambodian Public Holidays in 2020

The Royal Government of Cambodia has announced to reduce the public holidays for civil servants and employees to 22 days in 2020 from 28 days in the previous years via the Sub-decree No. 112 SD.P dated 2 August 2019.

08 Aug 2019 | Cambodia